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API Digest #61:What Is the Value of Your RESTful API?

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API2Cart is back with a fresh portion of API-related news and articles of the last fortnight. In this issue, you are going to read a quick overview of the following articles:

  • What is the value of your RESTful API?
  • Google expands reach to enterprise with Machine Learning APIs
  • In 2016, the tech industry forgot about people
  • 7 rapid API integration guides
  • Thinking About The Monetization Layer For Public Data
  • How difficult can it be to integrate software development tools?
  • The most interesting APIs of 2016

An important first step in planning how you're going to build your service is understanding the value of your RESTful API. Check out John Vester’s guide on how to estimate the Monetary Value and the Internet Community Value of your RESTful API.

Google has chosen machine learning APIs as a means to expand its reach to enterprise: it announced a set of machine learning based services focused on enterprise users. “Google is offering ready to use machine learning models through cloud vision, cloud speech, cloud translation and cloud natural language APIs and the flexibility to use your own data to train custom models through cloud machine learning platform.”, writes Alex Giamas in his article.

In the article “In 2016, the tech industry forgot about people”, Lauren Goode exposes the main negative tendency of 2016 in the tech industry and what consequences it has caused. Elaborating their ambitious projects, tech leaders and innovators seem to forget about real humans and their interests.

Hitch has elaborated a number of guides to help users get started with the most popular APIs in their catalog. Bruno Pedro has compiled a quick list of 7 rapid API integration guides published by Hitch in the last three months.

API Evangelist has written sort of a walk-through of the concepts involved with the monetization of public data using APIs. In the article, he provides a framework for organizations to think through the process of generating revenue from commercial access to public data.

How difficult can it be to integrate software development tools? The answer to this question provides the article written by Betty Zakheim. She tells all the hard truth about what it takes to integrate software development tools.

ProgrammableWeb has compiled a series of articles that examine interesting APIs across 10 different categories via ProgrammableWeb. You can find the list of articles in this post: “The most interesting APIs of 2016.”

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #143 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

See you in a fortnight! In the meanwhile, send us article suggestions and ideas. Either way, we are happy to hear from you. 🙂

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Anastasia Kholod

I always stay open to new experience and never stop learning. I love to discover and share my knowledge on innovative technologies in IT, data and application integration, API economy, and how they can be leveraged to drive businesses' digital transformation. You can ask me anything about API2Cart.

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