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AppsBuilder Success Story

Superior Mobile Apps Builder Integration

Well-Performed API Integration via API2Cart for Your Business Enhancement

Find out what the benefits of mobile apps builder API integration are and how AppsBuilder succeeded to become one of the leading self-service app building software with the help of API2Cart.

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AppsBuilder is an all-in-one tool that helps non-techie merchants grow their mobile business by not just creating, but also managing and promoting apps that can be viewed on various gadgets and devices.

The Challenges AppsBuilder Had to Deal With:

The company needed to make it possible to connect to multiple e-Commerce platforms, as they work with e-merchants having their original online stores based on different shopping carts. This would both extend the circle of potential clients and ensure a relatively better service if compared to competitors.

With all the pluses in mind, AppsBuilder started searching for a quick solution that would provide it with the so much necessary access to the database of a number of shopping carts at once.

API2Cart become the way out and opened up 30+ e-Commerce platforms for the information needed to be retrieved.

API2Cart Expands AppsBuilder Possibilities and Allows to:

  • integrate AppsBuilder with 30+ shopping carts;
  • retrieve the data on products, orders, customers, categories, etc. from web stores;
  • synchronize info on products, prices, and orders from the online shops and reflect changes into mobile ones right away;
  • get product count to perform mobile inventory updates right away.

Interested in Seamless API Integration?

Once decided to start a mobile apps building business, consider enhancing it with the help of integration with 30+ shopping platforms via API2Cart. Schedule a consultation with our expert and get answers to any questions concerning integration issues.


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