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Expandly Success Story

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Well-Performed API Integration via API2Cart for Your Business Enhancement

Find out how Expandly managed to enrich the list of the sales channels it is now connected to and thus become a more successful inventory and order management web solution. Learn its experience of boosting business opportunities with the help of API2Cart.

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Expandly is a cloud-based sales channel management service that makes it possible to see inventory and order data collected from different e-stores and marketplaces at one dashboard and upload items for sale across different retail channels.

The Challenges Expandly Had to Deal With:

The company needed a fast and safe way to get the access to the database of as many shopping carts as possible in order to become a stronger service that could offer a wide range of channels to its potential clients. As a bonus, the number of the latter ones would presumably enlarge in such a case as well.

Expandly found their solution in inventory and order management system API integration via API2Cart. Such a choice turned out to be the right for the company, as they received a single unified API that enabled it connect to 30+ shopping carts including Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and others.

API2Cart Expands Expandly Possibilities and Allows to:

  • integrate Expandly with a 30+ e-Commerce platforms
  • retrieve new products, orders and customers from online stores, process data within the system and provide e-merchants with robust inventory and order management opportunities
  • sync orders on multiple stores and manage all of them within one dashboard in seconds
  • perform product count and immediately notify clients on inventory updates

Interested in Seamless API Integration?

Once decided on setting up an inventory and order management business, consider avoiding difficulties with retrieving the necessary data from the e-stores by giving a try to API2Cart. Schedule a call with our representative and find out how integration with a great number of shopping platforms can boost your business.


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