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SforSoftware Success Story

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Well-Performed API Integration via API2Cart for Your Business Enhancement

Find out how SforSoftware managed to expand its functionality and enrich the range of services offered to a greater number of clients with the help of API2Cart.

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SforSoftware is an online service providing business automation software for small to midsize enterprises. It helps to make workflow more efficient by organizing such daily processes as inventory and order management, accounting and billing.

The Challenges SforSoftware Had to Deal With:

The service needed to get access to databases of different shopping carts to synchronize store information between clients’ e-shops and their administrative system. Integration with multiple e-Commerce platforms would be a great way out but getting connected to them is a long process that costs a pretty penny and takes a long while to be completed.

SforSoftware found their solution in business automation software API integration with API2Cart. The service provided them with a unified API that made it possible to connect to more than 30 shopping platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Opencart and others at once. With only one integration completed, they got able to retrieve data on customers, orders and products from any of the carts they are now connected to.

API2Cart Expands SforSoftware Possibilities and Allows to:

  • access databases of 30+ shopping platforms;
  • collect such store information as customers, orders, products, and categories easily;
  • synchronize this data within their system to monitor updates;
  • use store information to automate such business processes as accounting, billing, inventory and order management, etc.

Interested in Seamless API Integration?

If you are planning on either setting up or enhancing your business automation software solution and are having difficulties with store data retrieving, give a try to API2Cart. Schedule a call with our representative and have any questions concerning integration issues answered.


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