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Wiser Success Story

Superior Repricing System Integration

Well-Performed API Integration via API2Cart for Your Business Enhancement

Discover how integration with 30+shopping carts via API2Cart contributed to Wiser’s becoming one of the leading repricing systems out there.

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Wiser is a service providing its clients with an outstanding opportunity to keep an eye on their top competitors and change prices when needed. This makes it possible to create the most appealing selling conditions and not lose profit by offering either too high or low prices at the same time.

The Challenges Wiser Had to Deal With:

As the company aimed at becoming a profound repricing system solution, it needed to find a way to access the database of any client’s shopping cart and retrieve pricing info. This would allow them to compare it with rival’s prices presented on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms.

API2Cart became the solution that Wiser had been looking for. With the help of one unique and unified API, the company could now effortlessly connect to numerous shopping platforms including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, X-Cart, etc. and get the information needed. There was no more need to hire developers to elaborate separate integration modules and wait for ages for the work to be done.

API2Cart Expands Wiser Possibilities and Allows to:

  • integrate Wiser with 30+ shopping carts;
  • retrieve products and prices from clients’ stores, process information within the system and then provide e-merchants with automated repricing;
  • gather all the necessary data in order to provide clients with a deep insight into rival offers;
  • get product data to offer your customers real-time notifications.

Interested in Seamless API Integration?

Once decided on running a repricing system business, consider enhancing it by means of integration with a large number of shopping carts. API2Cart will guide you through the process and help you when needed. Do not hesitate to get a consultation with our expert and leave all your questions behind.


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