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API Technology

CRUD Methods in API integrations Clarified

crud methods api integration

The product, customer, order and other data from web stores powers the functions of various B2B e-commerce software products. API integration is what enable such software to retrieve and manipulate these data. Typically, API allows performing CRUD operations, whichRead more

API Digest #51: How to Run the Country Using APIs


Summer is dying, but not the API Digest series! In this episode, you can find pieces telling about the following:

  • Singapore will run the country using APIs
  • API lifecycle governance best practices
  • Kin Lane encourages to stop...
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Interview with Matthias Biehl


We are back with a new interview, this time with Matthias Biehl (@mattbiehl), API Integration Architect, Innovation Catalyst, and Author and Advisor at API University. He likes to use his extensive background in technology and software engineering to...

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API Digest #50: The Web is (Finally) a Mature Platform


A fresh API Digest is here again to provide you with the most interesting API news, articles and insights of the last fortnight. In this issue: how moving to API-First Architecture helps to solve performance problems, use cases for API...

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API Digest #47: APIs Are Soon to Die Out?


Even in the heart of summer, by far the majority of API community are working at full pace, discovering new API opportunities and sharing useful ideas. We have gathered the berries of them and prepared a refreshing cocktail of latest...

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Interview with Jennifer Riggins


Today’s interviewee is a perfect example of what a marketer and journalist in tech should be like. She’s a true online branding ninja, a happy multitasker, and an author at ProgrammableWeb.

Meet Jennifer Riggins talking...

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