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Experts’ Insights

Interview with Matthias Biehl


We are back with a new interview, this time with Matthias Biehl (@mattbiehl), API Integration Architect, Innovation Catalyst, and Author and Advisor at API University. He likes to use his extensive background in technology and software engineering to...

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Interview with Jennifer Riggins


Today’s interviewee is a perfect example of what a marketer and journalist in tech should be like. She’s a true online branding ninja, a happy multitasker, and an author at ProgrammableWeb.

Meet Jennifer Riggins talking...

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Interview with Matthew Reinbold


After a long pause in our interview series, we are back with one we are proud to present. This time, our special interviewee is Matthew Reinbold, Senior Product Manager at Capital One, an API expert IT recruiters love to hunt, and an advanced...

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Interview with Lorinda Brandon


Today we are proud to present to you an interview with Lorinda Brandon, a beautiful woman in tech and an expert on API Business Strategies. She shared with us her experience, a point of view on the role of APIs...

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Interview with Owen Rubel


We are happy to continue bringing the word and experience of the top API experts out there to you. This time, our special guest is Owen Rubel, the creator of API Chaining & IO State, an original Amazon employee, an experienced...

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Interview with Guillaume Laforge

laforge interview

The interviewee we are proud to present today is Guillaume Laforge, Project Lead of the Groovy programming language and Product Lead at Restlet. In this interview, he talks about what he dreamt about as a junior developer, how he got involved into Groovy, and...

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Interview with Arnaud Lauret (API Handyman)


Arnaud Lauret is the man you might know as API Handyman, the API believer we all love. In this interview, he reveals who he would like to be, what his homework dipsy doodles were, and what cardinal virtues every API should follow. 

Many know...

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Interview with Steven Willmott

Interview with Steven Willmott

We are continuing the series of experts talking about APIs and their effect on e-Commerce. This time, it is Steven Willmott, the CEO and co-founder of 3scale, answering our questions. 

Steven, you have a considerable experience in the sphere of IT underpinned by...

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Interview with Zdeněk Němec

Zdeněk Němec1

We are here again with an API expert talking about his life, ideas and insights. This time, the man of the day is Zdenek Nemec, the guy searching for beauty and elegance among DSLs and ASTs for Apiary and a witty interviewee.

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