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Veeqo is a multi-channel inventory management web solution to sync online stores and marketplaces. It integrates with the biggest retailer platforms to import all the inventory and orders and perform their managing for clients.

How everything works?

It’s not necessary to work with multiple sales channels separately to ship orders as Veeqo helps to keep track of all of them from one system. Syncing in real time between WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay, Shopify and others will save your time and efforts.

Veeqo’s unlimited functionality allows to manage the inventory across all the web stores and marketplaces, thus, keep them all updated with the proper stock levels. This flexible solution ensures the accurate order processing in no time.

One more point that is worth mentioning is Veeqo’s outstanding reports. A deal of high importance for the business is to see how it evolves and how everything is going on. With service’s dashboards and reports, it’s feasible to monitor all the important facts and figures across the sales channels.

API2Cart and Veeqo have established strong and friendly partner relationships. The cooperation has brought a lot of advantages for both sides with new expertise in API development. This beneficial interaction between two companies has resulted into an innovative solution that provides Veeqo’s clients with an excellent experience.

The crucial goal for Veeqo is to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements, taking into consideration the dynamic nature of web technologies. API2Cart does all its best to make Veeqo’s job easier, thus enabling it to curve out a niche they work at, either waste time and forces on the development process.

API2Cart enhances Veeqo’s possibilities and allows to:

  • retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all the necessary information from the clients’ stores on various shopping platforms and integrate it with Veeqo;
  • perform product count in order to establish inventory updates easily;
  • sync orders made on various shopping platforms;
  • get orders’ updates to notify its customers at once;
  • sync products and orders with Veeqo’s inventory easily.

If you provide inventory management services and faced with a problem of data interaction between your soft and various platforms, than API2Cart is a strong way to solve business challenges. If there are some questions to ask, schedule a call with our expert. Stay competitive with API2Cart!

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