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Find out how Webinterpret managed to expand its functionality and win new clients with the help of API2Cart.

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Webinterpret is a service that helps e-retailers sell their products cross-border in more than 60 markets. It translates, localizes and promotes online shops on local search engines, social networks, marketplaces, and price comparison websites.

The Challenges Webinterpret Had to Deal With:

The company needed to get access to multiple shopping cart databases in order to retrieve and synchronize information on orders, prices, products, and categories from their clients’ stores. Getting connected to e-Commerce platforms would solve the problem, but separate integration module elaboration for each of them is a very long and expensive process.

Webinterpret found their way out in one integration with API2Cart. It provided a unified API that works for 30+ leading shopping carts including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, 3dcart and others. Having integrated once, Webinterpret obtained the ability to retrieve, synchronize and manipulate various clients’ store data from any of the e-Commerce platforms they are now connected to.

API2Cart Expands Webinterpret Possibilities and Allows to:

  • connect to different shopping carts and collect all the information necessary;
  • get data on orders, products, prices and categories and synchronize it within their system;
  • reflect store data changes and updates across all international listings automatically;
  • organize this information into reports.

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