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API Digest #64: API Predictions for 2017

API Digest #64 api predictions 2017

API2Cart continues the API Digest series, and in this issue, you will read a wrap-up of the following articles:

  • API predictions for 2017
  • Documentation-driven API design
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How Product Catalog Software Integrates Data

How Product Catalog Software Integrates Data

Online customers are deprived of the opportunity to examine and try on the products presented in online shops. To compensate it, merchants create product catalogs to provide visitors with a detailed presentation about the goods they sell....

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Data Integration for Email Marketing Software

Data integration for email marketing software

Amongst all existing marketing channels, email marketing is king for nearly all types of businesses. As to eCommerce industry, it is practically unthinkable without the use of email. Aside from business communication, online merchants widely use special...

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API Digest #61:What Is the Value of Your RESTful API?

API Digest 60 the value of your restful API

API2Cart is back with a fresh portion of API-related news and articles of the last fortnight. In this issue, you are going to read a quick overview of the following articles:

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