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API Digest #71: You are Not Google


Hello there! We are back with our traditional fortnight API Digest! Let’s start with introducing the topics which you are going to read this time:

  • API document generators can fall woefully short on meeting...
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API Digest #70: SaaS Is Dying (?!)

We are back with the traditional fortnight API Digest, and on this issue, you are going to see a wrap-up of the following articles:

  • What comes after SaaS?
  • Web API...
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Top 5 Comprehensive Order Management Systems

Order management is one of the most important and complex aspects in eСommerce business. It involves fulfillment and keeping track of orders, managing customer data, cash flows, organising shipping, and many other related processes. It's a lot of balls to keep in the...

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The Evolution of Purchase Order Tracking

The evolution of Purchase Order Tracking

Let`s imagine going back about 30 years, before digital technologies became widespread. How hard it was for companies to keep track of various business processes, like purchase order tracking. This tedious process used to be paper-based and...

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