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Magento Integration

Magento integration
Magento integration

Supported versions: 1.4.0 - 1.14.1, 2.0.0 - 2.1.6

Magento integration with your e-Commerce business solution is a cost effective and quick way to get, add, update, delete and sync any shopping cart data, including products, orders and customers. If you represent e-Commerce oriented system and interested in extending the pool of potential clients with 250+ thousands of Magento e-store owners, then API2Cart is what you are looking for.

Multi-Store Data Retrieval Is Supported for Magento

Multi store functionality allows online merchants to create stores within one database. They do not have to install shopping cart software as many times as many shops they want to setup. One installation is enough to run a couple of stores.

The popularity of this feature creates new opportunities for B2B services of the e-Commerce sector. Multi-store data retrieval can be used by companies to expand the functional range of their software and offer more to a great deal of new clients.

Abandoned Cart Data Retrieval is Supported for Magento

Cart abandonment takes place when a potential customer of an e-merchant does not complete their order because of some personal, technical or other reason.

Data on the number of abandoned carts for a certain period of time can be used to save a deal of orders that have not (hopefully yet) been completed. It can be applied to specific business purposes some of which are e-mail marketing, e-commerce recommendation widget software, and other recovery campaigns that help e-retailers boost conversion rates.

Supported API Methods

Cart Management Functions

  • cart.create Add store to the account
  • cart.validate Check store availability, bridge connection for the downloadable carts, identify DB prefix, validate API accesses for API carts.
  • cart.list Get list of supported carts
  • cart.bridge Get bridge key and store key
  • cart.delete Remove store from API2Cart
  • cart.disconnect Disconnect with the store and clear store session data.
  • cart.methods Get list of cart methods
  • cart.config Get list of cart configs
  • cart.config.update Use this API method to update custom data in client database.
  • cart.coupon.count Get cart coupons count.
  • cart.coupon.list Get cart coupon discounts.
  • cart.giftcard.count Get gift cards count.
  • cart.giftcard.list Get gift cards list.
  • cart.info Get cart information
  • cart.clear_cache Clear cache on store.
  • cart.plugin.list Get list of installed plugins
  • bridge.download Download bridge for store
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Product Management Functions

  • product.list Get list of products from your store. Returns 4 products by default.
  • product.count Count products in store.
  • product.info Get product info about product ID *** or specify other product ID.
  • product.find Search product in store catalog. "Apple" is specified here by default.
  • product.fields Retrieve all available fields for product item in store.
  • product.add Add new product to store.
  • product.update Update price and quantity for a specific product
  • product.delete Product delete
  • product.price.add Add some prices to the product.
  • product.price.update Update some prices of the product.
  • product.price.delete Delete some prices of the product
  • product.image.add Add image to product
  • product.image.update Update details of image
  • product.image.delete Delete image
  • product.attribute.list Get list of attributes.
  • product.attribute.value.set Set attribute value to product.
  • product.option.add Add product option from store.
  • product.option.list Get list of options.
  • product.option.assign Assign option from product.
  • product.option.value.add Add product option item from option.
  • product.option.value.assign Assign product option item from product.
  • product.option.value.update Update product option item from option.
  • product.variant.add Add variant to product.
  • product.variant.list Get list variants.
  • product.variant.info Get variant info.
  • product.variant.count Get count variants.
  • product.variant.update Update variant.
  • product.variant.price.add Add some prices to the product variant.
  • product.variant.price.update Update some prices of the product variant.
  • product.variant.price.delete Delete some prices of the product variant.
  • product.tax.add Add tax class and tax rate to store and assign to product.
  • product.manufacturer.add Add manufacturer to store and assign to product
  • product.currency.add Add currency and/or set default in store
  • product.currency.list Get list of currencies
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Category Management Functions

  • category.list Get list of categories from store. Returns 4 categories by default.
  • category.count Count categories in store.
  • category.info Get category info about category ID*** or specify other category ID.
  • category.find Search category in store. "Laptop" is specified here by default.
  • category.add Add new category in store
  • category.update Update category in store
  • category.assign Assign category to product
  • category.image.add Add image to category
  • category.image.delete Delete image
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Order Management Functions

  • order.count Count orders in store
  • order.list Get list of orders from store. Returns 4 orders by default.
  • order.info Info about a specific order by ID
  • order.find Find orders
  • order.add Add a new order to the cart.
  • order.update Update existing order.
  • order.status.list Retrieve list of statuses
  • order.financial_status.list Retrieve list of financial statuses
  • order.abandoned.list Get list of orders that were left by customers before completing the order.
  • order.shipment.list Get list of shipments by orders.
  • order.shipment.add Add a shipment to the order.
  • order.shipment.update Update order's shipment information.
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Customer Management Functions

  • customer.list Get list of customers from store.
  • customer.count Get number of customers from store.
  • customer.info Get customers' details from store.
  • customer.find Find customers in store.
  • customer.add Add customer into store.
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To ensure your convenience, API2Cart provides a robust documentation that lets you to both test the API live and explore the details on each of the supported methods. We also offer code samples for you to get a better idea of how API2Cart works

Interactive documentation powered with Swagger will help you try out all of the API methods with a test store. Along with the static documentation, we provide a complete picture of what API2Cart is and how it can be used for your business advantage.

The documentation contains code samples. There you will find brief but informative patterns on how to use API2Cart API with the most effective outcome for your Magento integration.

Seamless Magento integration is not the only benefit that you’ll get. A dedicated tech and support squad with years of experience in e-Commerce, full API documentation and automated integration with 30+ other shopping carts is only a short list of how you can win from cooperation with API2Cart.

Scalable infrastructure that serves 5 mln API calls monthly

Integration with 30+ other e-Commerce platforms

Extensive documentation, code samples and tech support

We have already integrated more than aof live stores for our clients

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